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Two Day Painting Pro Tips

How to Paint Over Painted or Stained Woodwork

Painting over previously painted or stained woodwork can be quite the project. There are several steps that need to be taken to ensure a quality finished product. The first decision to be made is whether to do it yourself [...]

Best Way to Protect a Deck

Having a wood or synthetic deck in Wisconsin can be a lot of maintenance! Our climate causes unique problems and an exterior wood/synthetic surface that is walked on, shoveled, power washed, and even air blown will cause coatings to [...]

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What is the Best Color for a Ceiling?

When picking a color for your ceiling, first look at the shape of the room. Is it an open concept with a ceiling that spans more than one room or an individual room with its own ceiling? Is there [...]

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What Types of Siding are Paintable?

As a professional painting company, it is important to approach all jobs with a consistent and replicable approach. While consistency is incredibly important it is also very import to recognize that each job will be unique and require the [...]

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Eight Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting Company

The decision to hire a painting company is a very important one and taking a few moments to read the following information could save you both money and frustration by avoiding a bad experience.  The fact is, painters range [...]

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Can You Use Interior Paint, Outside?

People often wonder if they can use exterior paint, inside and interior paint, outside. The answer can be a little complex. These are the guidelines for where to use interior and exterior paint products.  Interior paints – The products [...]

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